Ontario Bylaw Officer Core Competency Training

Ontario Bylaw Officer Core Competency Accreditation Certificate Course

This stand-alone course provides core competency training to put you on the right path to employment.

Course Access Time

You will have full access to this course for 10 weeks from the date of registration.
A 1-time free extension of 3 weeks is available (if needed).
An additional extension of 2 weeks is available at $75.

Steps To Receive Your Accreditation Certificate

Step 1

Complete the online training course

Step 2

Write and pass the online exam

Step 3

Receive your accreditation

Everything You Need

  • 15 lessons with video and text.
  • Multiple quizzes to ensure understanding of the material
  • Available 24/7/365
  • No time limit to complete the course
  • Support available if you have questions or need help.
  • Available on all internet connected devices – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone using Windows/Mac/iOS/Android
  • Printable accreditation certificate

All of the above for a one-time payment:

  • This is a stand alone course for anyone seeking employment as a By-law Enforcement Officer or Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer in Ontario in general Bylaw services.
  • No prerequisites required, only a willingness to learn

Topics for the Ontario Bylaw Officer Core Competency Accreditation Certificate course is a follows:

  • Bylaw Officer Course Overview
  • Intro to Law for Bylaw Officers
  • Duty to Act
  • Authorities and Powers of Bylaw Officers
  • Conducting Investigations Part One
  • Conducting Investigations Part Two
  • Conducting Investigations Part Three
  • What Constitutes Proper I.D.?
  • Obstruction of a Bylaw Officer case study
  • Officer Safety
  • Municipal Structure and Bylaws
  • Effective Communications
  • Note Taking and Report Writing for Bylaw Officers
  • Trespass to Property (Ontario)
  • M.L.E.O./ POO Final Exam
  • Course Completion

This Ontario Bylaw Officer Core Competency Accreditation Certificate online course focuses on providing a foundation in:

  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Legal studies
  • Report writing
  • Personal safety

Students who successfully complete the online course and final exam will receive a printable accreditation certificate.

Will I get a certificate once I complete the course and will it be recognized by employers?

Yes.  Once you complete the assignments and the online quizzes successfully, you will get a certificate, suitable for framing, in the mail.

What is a M.L.E.O.?

The term is sourced in section 15 of the Ontario Police Services Act. It stands for Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, a term that is unique in Canada as it ONLY applies in Ontario.

What is a “Provincial Offences Officer”(P.O.O.) and what is the relationship to being appointed as a M.L.E.O.?

A P.O.O. is a person designated pursuant to the Provincial Offences Act. This legislation is the enabling statute that outlines the process for Parking Tickets in Part II. It is Provincial law and not a Municipal Bylaw so it supersedes, and works hand in hand with, local Bylaw appointments.

FACT: EVERY M.L.E.O. is a P.O.O. You would have to be in order to write tickets and process them according to law. As an aside, not every P.O.O. is also a M.L.E.O. For example, Provincial Ministry officers who do not enforce anything at the Municipal level are not M.L.E.O.’s. They have no need to be as they only enforce Provincial laws within their Ministry.

What is the difference between a “Bylaw Officer” and a M.L.E.O.?”

Essentially nothing, it’s just semantics and labels. They are one and the same. Every Ontario M.L.E.O. enforces Municipal Bylaws. Parking is just one area of Bylaw Enforcement. Some use the term M.L.E.O. while others use the term Bylaw Officer.

Is it true that some Municipalities are outsourcing some Bylaw Enforcement to Security companies?

Yes. Some smaller Municipalities are not only out sourcing Parking Enforcement but also General Bylaw services and Animal Control.

Is M.L.E.O. officer training, including General Bylaws etc, the same as what Police Officers get at O.P.C. (Ontario Police College)?

Yes. Every police officer in Ontario is also a M.L.E.O. and P.O.O. Their appointment is much broader in terms of what legislation they can enforce of course, but the basic content is the same. Police do not get much involved in local Property Standards, Licensing, etc however they are empowered to write Parking Tickets, deal with Noise Bylaw complaints, Animal Bylaw offences. If this is your ultimate goal, then sign up for both the Parking Enforcement Course as well as the Core Competency program online.

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